15+ Muslima Fashion Style Inspirations

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Every now and then hijabis struggle to balance fashion and mosdesty, it is not always easy to crack, here are some style inspirations every fashionable muslima will love to try out, include any or all of the items in your wardrobe and see how easy dressing modest and fashionably becomes!

A midi gown paired with trousers, it can also be paired with leggings

Maxi skirt with a top and blazer(optional)

A beautiful long gown with long sleeves

A high-low midi gown paired with a Jean trouser

A shirt dress paired with a Jean trouser

A bell sleeved long top paired with a Jean trouser

A long jacket over an ankle trouser and top

Exaggerated bell sleeve pair with a mom Jean

An beautiful kimono with bell sleeves, worn over a Jean and top, can also be worn over a body con gown

A kimono and pants set

A Palazzo paired with a 3 steps bell sleeved blouse

A shot kimono paired with a fitted gown

A short flayed gown worn with a Jean trouser

A long top pair with a leggings

A Peter Pan collared long shirt paired with pants

A midi gown with side slits paired with Jean trousers

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